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What a Coincidence! We met a happy customer in America, who bought our boulder opal pendant 18 years ago, and still love it dearly!

Some 18 years ago I received a gift of a beautiful and unusual Queensland opal pendant purchased from Rockhounds in Sydney. It always drew ooh’s and ah’s not only because of the stone and its lovely silver casing, but the clever way that a drizzle of silver bisected the length of the stone to hide a crack in it. Altogether an art piece. Just a few years ago I discovered that a good friend and neighbour of mine regularly got gemstones through a sister and brother-in-law living in Sydney, and that they were visiting her. I met them over brunch, and casually asked them if they knew of this jewellery store in Sydney, and was blown away to find out that they were the owners! It was lovely meeting you, Paul and Denise, and connecting one of my favourite pieces of jewellery with your store :).

Date of experience: September 2018